30 Captivating Camp Free Stock Images

30 Captivating Camp Free Stock Images

Camp culture seems to be gaining popularity around the world as more folks try to live in harmony with nature. If you are looking for a high-quality image of camping, you’re likely to find it right here! From tent camping to van life, cabins, camp stoves and everything in between, StockSnap has you covered for all your project needs.

What types of camping are you interested in? Find a free stock photo that works for you in this list of 30 captivating camp images:

  1. Camping in Teepee Tents At Night
teepee tents at night light up with the northern lights in the background

Awe your audience with stunning shots of night-time camping like this photograph by Ken Cheung that shows two teepee tents set up under a night sky full of stars and auroras.

2. RV Camping in Style

a man lounges in a hot spring with a snow-capped mountain in the distance

Show the benefits of living off-grid with this image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan of a man soaking in a hot spring with an RV and snow-capped mountain in the background.

3. Roasting Marhmallows Over a Campfire

two marshmallows on a skewer roast above a campfire flame

Nothing says camp quite like this image of two marshmallows roasting above a wood-fueled flame by Alex Holt.

4. Tent Camping in the Elements

tent camping in the middle of an evergreen forest with snow

Embrace nature with this idyllic image of tent camping in a forest on a snowy winter day by Binyamin Mellish.

5. AirStream Camping in the Desert

silver airstream camper parked in the desert with a blue sky and clouds above

This image of an airstream camping in a desert landscape by Binyamin Mellish shows how calm camp life can be.

6. Log Cabin in the Woods

a person entering a small log cabin in a forest with tall trees

If you’re looking for an image of a cozy camping experience, try this photograph by Geran de Klerk that shows a person entering a small log cabin surrounded by tall trees.

7. Views From a Travel Tent

view of a hillside from the opening of a blue tent

Immerse your viewers into the natural world with this view from a travel tent by Mel Elías.

8. Camping With Friends

two silhouettes of people sitting by a campire surrounded by trees at night

Camping is best enjoyed with other people. Evoke the feeling of togetherness with this shot of two people gathering around a campfire by Adam Griffith.

9. Hanging Out in Nature

three hammocks suspended from trees with clothing hanging up nearby

Show folks what camping is all about with this image of three hammocks hanging in the forest by Jake Ingle.

10. Camping Gear in Use

axe with a wooden handle cutting into a log with people at a campfire in the distance

There are ways to talk about camping without showing a tent -  like this shot of an axe chopping into a piece of wood by Dan Edwards.

11. Camping in a Van

vw bus lights up during the nighttime while parked near tall rocky terrain

Camping in a van grants folks the freedom to see amazing views. This image of a VW bus with a pop-up bedroom parked near a mountain side, by Tommy Lisbin, is the perfect example of a nomadic lifestyle.

12. Campfire Conversations

two women smile and converse over a warm drink by a campfire in the woods

There’s so much that can be discussed over a cozy campfire. Use this free image of two women talking and sipping from a thermos to add some warmth to any project.

13. Firewood Galore

firelogs of various shapes and sizes stacked closely together

Firewood is essential for camping so this image of fire logs, by Elliott Chau, would work well for a number of projects.

14. Campsite Fun

woman with red hair blowing bubbles while sitting in a lawn chair outside of a green tent

Evoke the feeling of fun with this shot of a woman blowing bubbles in front of a green tent by Jens Johnsson.

15. Cabin House in the Woods

a-frame cabin house with deck and string lights surrounded by tall trees

Show a stylish camping situation with this moody image of an a-frame cabin house in the forest by Alex Robert.

16. Colorful Campfire Flames

fire pit with burning wood logs and colorful flames

Warm up your social media profile with this alluring image of blue and orange campfire flames by Chris Rhoads.

17. Tent Camping in a Valley

two tents sit on grass in the valley of a mountain range with water and trees in the distance

Show off this sunny shot of two tents camping in the valley of a mountain by Dino Reichmuth.

18. A Love for Camping

two people light-write a heart while tent camping in the desert under the starry night sky

If you love camping, use this image of two people light-writing a heart outside of their tent on a starry night by Pete Johnson.

19. Well-Lit Tent on a Dark Night

light emits from a green tent set underneath the starry sky surrounded by silhouettes of trees

Need an alluring shot of a camping tent? Try this dramatic photograph of a neon green tent by Sayan Nath to give your nature blog or IG feed the glow it deserves.

20. Seeing From a Camper's Perspective

two feet stick out a tent with the view of a mountain and trees in the background

Immerse yourself in this image of a lakeside mountain, shot from the perspective of a person, by Elliott Chau.

21. Kettles Hanging Over a Fire

three cast-iron kettles hang over a smoldering fire pit with burning wood logs

Show how useful a campfire can be with this photograph of three cast-iron kettles hanging over a smoldering flame by Tikkho Maciel.

22. Camp With a Large Group

a large group of people talk and huddle around a rocky bonfire pit

Need to show a large group camping together? Look no further than this photograph of a group of friends gathered around a campfire by Phil Coffman.

23. Tents Amongst the Trees

two tents sit under a canopy of trees and look out over a body of water

Become one with nature with this image of two tents under a lush canopy of trees by Tim Foster.

24. Gear to Document the Journey

cameras, film, lenses and a tripod sit on a gray surface along with camping equipment.

Show your camping essentials with this flat-lay image of camping and photography gear by Alex Andrews.

25. Sunrise on the Hillside

a person sits outside of a white and red tent on a hillside during sunrise

Use this image, by Glen Jackson, of a person sitting outside of their tent during sunrise to show how peaceful camping can be.

26. Sunset on the Lake

three people sit around a campfire near a lake during sunset

Tell your story with this sunset shot of friends camping lakeside by Andreas Ronningen.

27. Camp Knife in its Natural Habitat

an open pocket knife with a black and silver handle sits on a moss-covered surface

This image of a camping knife laying on a bed of moss, by Snufkin, is a cut above most images - use it when you blog about the great outdoors.

28. Coffee Warmed by Campfire

coffee in a black and white ceramic cup sits on a grill over a campfire

Enjoy this image of a cup of campfire joe captured by Alex Holt.

29. Keeping Warm

two hands held near a fire with a tall flame and sandy ground below

Keep the fire going with this dramatic shot, of hands keeping warm near a campfire, by Sandis Helvigs.

30. Starry Nights in Nature

silhouette of a person and vehicle set against the starry night sky

Enjoy the magical feeling of camping under the stars with this image by Jonatan Pie.