Neon Virtual Backgrounds For Zoom Calls

Neon Virtual Backgrounds For Zoom Calls

Zoom calls are rising in popularity nowadays, due to social distancing. Whether you need to communicate with your coworkers during a remote meeting or want to catch up with a family member, Zoom makes it easy to place a video call.

You can even use Zoom to host webinars, online club meetings, workshops, and more.

To break up the monotony of your meetings, you can add a virtual background to your video calls. In this post, we’ll share cool virtual backgrounds for Zoom calls that will instantly spice up your meetings.

Abstract Neon Virtual Backgrounds

  1. Abstract Flowing Neon Background

Here’s a colorful neon background featuring flowing lights. The image gives off the impression of an electric current so it’s sure to capture the attention.

2. Abstract Neon Laser Lights Background

If electric look and feel is not your cup of tea, how about some neon lasers? This neong background for Zoom calls is perfect when you need something more minimalistic but still want to make a statement.

3. Green Lines Neon Background

For a more calm but still very neon look, here’s a photo of neon green lines. The photo has plenty of white space so the background won’t be distracting.

4. Abstract Flowing Neon Lines

Here we have flowing neon lines on a blue background. Thanks to the free flowing lights, the photo is pretty dynamic.

5. Abstract Neon Motherboard

Want your neon virtual background to have more texture? Try this photo of an abstract neon motherboard. Perfect for anyone working in the tech field.

6. Abstract Red Neon Texture

Here’s another example of a textured neon background. The photo features a closeup of the plastic surface.

7. Abstract Neon Gradient

If you love gradients, you’ll love this virtual neon background. It features a red gradient with flowing lines.

8. Abstract Neon Lines

Here we have colorful neon lines on a black background. The background is perfect if you want a more mysterious or serious look and feel.

9. Neon Green Lines

In this neon virtual background for Zoom calls, you can see neon green lights against a black background. The lines are actually a part of a neon sign.

10. Abstract Flowing Photo

Here’s another abstract flowing photo. It’s set against a dark purple background with colorful neon lines going in all directions.

11. Abstract Glowing Cubes

Here’s a closeup of glowing cubes from a turn signal. The photo has a neon orange scheme and gives off a textured look and feel.

Futuristic Neon Virtual Backgrounds

  1. Futuristic Motherboard Neon Background

If you’re looking for a futuristic neon background, try this neon motherboard. The photo has a purple color scheme.

2. Futuristic Neon City Sculpture

Make a statement with this futuristic neon virtual background. The photo features a dolphin sculpture and a fountain with neon lights.

3. Video Game Controller Neon Background

If you love video games, this background is for you. It features a video game controller against a blue neon background. Perfect for clan or guild Zoom meetings or video game developers!

4. Neon Escalators

Here we have a photo of neon escalators. The photo features an orange and a purple escalator that look like they’re leading into a futuristic night club.

5. Neon City Street

If you want a more realistic virtual background that still has a futuristic look, try this neon city street background. The photo has a pretty urban and dynamic feel.

6. Neon Signs

Do you know of any other city that’s more futuristic looking than Tokyo? This photo features neon signs on a Tokyo street and people going to or from work. It’s a dynamic photo that will make your video calls more interesting.

7. Futuristic Street Lights

Here’s a futuristic neon sign on a busy street. It features cars and lights that appear to be moving.

Neon Signs Virtual Backgrounds

  1. Work Harder Neon Sign

This background is perfect for work meetings. It features a neon sign that says Work Harder — perfect for a subtle nudge and motivation.

2. Red Neon Heart

If you’re using Zoom to communicate with your friends and family, this sign will be a nice addition to your virtual background collection. It features a person holding a red neon heart.

3. Open Neon Sign

Working late at night? How about this Open neon sign that’s common for bars and stores that are open 24/7?

4. Neon City Lights

Neon lights are simply striking during night time. But they can be visible and effective even in daylight. This background proves it.

5. Daytime Neon Lights

Here’s another sign featuring neon lights in the daytime. This one is perfect if you want to pretend you’re meeting with friends for lunch.

6. Neon Street Signs

This photo has a serene and calm look and feel. It features lights and neon signs set against a cloudy night.

7. Opera House Neon Sign

This background is perfect if you want to give off the vibe of a night out on town. It features a bright opera house neon sign.

8. Toronto Neon Sign

This background features a man looking at a neon blue Toronto sign. Thanks to the water in the background and the dark colors, the photo gives off a calming look and feel.

9. Ferris Wheel Neon Sign

Add a dose of fun to your meetings with this neon virtual background. It features a giant ferris wheel with a few neon signs for different amusement park attractions.

10. Parking Garage Neon Entry Sign

Here’s another virtual background with a dark and moody look and feel. It features several neon entry signs for the parking garage.

11. Neon Carnival Carousel

This photo features a neon carnival carousel ride. Use it to give your meetings a laid back vibe.

Retro Neon Virtual Backgrounds

  1. Neon Sign Background

Here’s a retro looking neon background. It features a purple neon sign next to a house.

2. Electric Neon Sign Closeup

This photo features a closeup of a neon sign. It has a retro vibe with a yellow and reddish color scheme and a subtle bokeh effect.

3. Retro Wall Sign

This photo features a retro neon sign that says “call for champagne”. It makes it perfect for celebrations.

4. Thank You Neon Sign

This “Thank You” neon sign has a dark and somewhat moody look and feel. If you want to subtly express gratitude and appreciation on your Zoom calls, this background is a great fit.

5. Retro Neon Sign

Here we have another vintage neon sign. It features neon lights and vinyl records, perfect for any music lover.

6. Black And White Retro Neon Sign

For a twist on neon backgrounds, how about a black and white photo? This background features a retro neon coffee sign.

7. Retro Van Sign

Here’s a cool vintage photo that you can use as a virtual Zoom background. It features a retro neon sign on top of a vintage van.